Helaine is not only a master canasta player, she is also an excellent teacher.  Our sessions were not always easy, but somehow she was able to break this game down into manageable bites and make it available to us all. I have never been a card player, and only started learning mahjong a few weeks before taking on canasta.  My brain was simply not geared to this type of activity.  But after a few sessions with Helaine, I am now officially addicted to canasta!  I can't seem to get enough!  The game is challenging, fast paced, and fun.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but you almost always learn something.

If you are thinking of taking classes with Helaine, do not hesitate any longer.  You will not find a more dedicated, patient teacher on the East coast. You will come away confident in the knowledge that you have learned from the best, and if you ever goof up (and who doesn't?) it will not be because you learned it wrong, it will be because you simply goofed up.  

Cindy S.